Sukamto Sia

Sukamto Sia diburon oleh Interpol karena kasus penipuan dan pengelapan duit, tapi tetap dibiarkan bebas lepas  berkeliling Singapura dengan kendaraan super mewahnya.  Buron semacam ini ada banyak sekali berkeliaran di Singapura




Sat, Jan 02, 2010
The Straits Times
Wanted by Interpol, but no arrest request
By K.C. VijayanPROMINENT businessman Sukamto Sia, a Singaporean of Indonesian descent, is wanted by the Indonesian police in connection with forgery and counterfeiting.

He is on Interpol’s Red Notice alert, which requires its 184-member police force to keep a lookout for the man, with a view to arresting and extraditing him.

It was placed in October last year, but both the police and Indonesian Embassy here said they had received no request to arrest Mr Sia, who has his office in Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road.

Locked in defamation suit with Indonesian tycoon

MR SUKAMTO Sia, a Singaporean tycoon of Indonesian descent, is locked in a bitter defamation suit in the High Court here with Indonesian magnate Low Tuck Kwong.

Mr Low, 61, who is of Singaporean descent, filed the suit here in October 2008, claiming more than $300 million in damages from Mr Sia.

According to court documents, Mr Low wanted to launch an IPO (initial public offering) for PT Bayan Resources – a company in which he held a controlling stake at the time – in July 2008.


Indonesia wins one in war on corruption

By Bill Guerin

JAKARTA – Indonesia has scored a major victory in the war on corruption after the return to the country of a crooked banker who fled before being sentenced in absentia to eight years in jail.

The US turned over fugitive David Nusa Wijaya to Indonesia on January 17 after he was located in Los Angeles four days earlier. The two countries do not have an extradition treaty. However, national police chief General Sutanto, who was hand-picked last year by the president, said Wijaya had been given two choices by the police.

“The first was for him to go through the legal process in the US and then be deported, while the second was to voluntarily undergo the legal process in Indonesia,” he said.

Wijaya, a 44-year-old ethnic Chinese wanted for embezzling about US$139 million, chose the latter, Sutanto said. This could suggest Wijaya believes that given time, he will find a way to escape justice yet again. However, he may find it much more difficult this time. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is talking tough on seeing such criminals brought to justice.

“I don’t want any extortion, backroom deals or anything by the law enforcement people here that would create a more difficult situation for the judiciary,” Yudhoyono warned, when commenting on the joint operation by Indonesian police and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation that resulted in Wijaya’s capture in San Francisco.

Significantly, US assistance came less than a week after Washington praised Jakarta’s arrest of suspects in the 2002 murders of two American teachers in the province of Papua. The case was the main hurdle to restoring military ties between the two countries.

Once again, as with the Papua arrests, public statements confirm the strong relationship developing between Jakarta and Washington. “I am grateful to the friendly country that helped him [Wijaya] be brought to justice,” Yudhoyono said….

Wijaya had been on the run since 2004, a few weeks before Indonesia’s Supreme Court increased an earlier sentence to eight years for embezzlement in a scam linked to one of the biggest and nastiest wholesale fraud cases ever, the misuse of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) in 1997-98.

In a related development, the owner of liquidated Bank Bira, Atang Latief (ex-father in law of Sukamto Sia) alias Lau Tjin Ho, returned to Indonesia on Friday to face trial over alleged embezzlement of Rp325 billion (US$34.7 million) in BLBI….

He arrived in Jakarta from Singapore and was immediately rushed to a hospital for an undisclosed illness, according to Antara news agency. Sutanto said a ban on Latief going abroad was issued in 2000 but later revoked by the immigration office….



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