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Irfan Suryahardy Awwas


Irfan Suryahardy Awwas was born in 04/1960 in the village of Tirpas-Selong, Central Java, the breeding ground of many Indonesian Islamic militants. Irfan S. Awwas was a Darul Islam memberand is the younger brother of Abu-JibrilAbu Jibril,Irfan S. Awwas and a third member, known asMuchliansyah were students in the Al-Mukmin boarding school in Ngruki, Central Java which Abu Bakar Bashir, the future spiritual leader of theINDONESIAN JI, co-founded with Abdullah Sungkar.


In 1979 Irfan S. Awwas was the deputy Commando Jihad commander ofYogyakarta area of central Java.


In 1981 Irfan S. Awwas founded and edited the ‘ar-Risalah’ (the letter), the magazine of the Majlis Mujahideen Indonesia (council of the Indonesian Mujahideen) MMI, which operated under Abu Bakar Bashir, since the early 80s’, as a parent organization for all Islamic movements in Indonesia and advocated the idea of an Islamic state in Indonesia.   


Abu Jibril, Irfan S. Awwas and Muchliansyah were also members of an offshoot of Darul Islam, the Usroh (family in Indonesian language), which specialized in recruiting young Muslims to Darul Islam in the early 80s’.


In 1983 Irfan S. Awwas was arrested in Indonesia on charges of planning to form an Islamic state in Indonesia using the Iranian revolution as a model. In 02/1986 Irfan S. Awwas was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.  He was eventually released in 1993 and returned toYogyakarta.  


In 08/2003, after the Marriott Hotel bombing Irfan S. Awwas was arrested along with about 250 other prominent Islamic militants in an effort of the Indonesian regime to crack down on the Islamic militant organization in the country, whatever names they used and the framework in which they operated. Irfan S. Awwas was released from jail in 2006. Today (12/2008) Irfan S. Awwas is free in Yogyakarta and is still publishing books and articles about Islam and Islamic state but with a more moderate approach.



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